How to Propagate Plants by Cutting or Clipping

Propagating plants by clipping or cutting is an incredibly useful tool for plant lovers of all sorts. It not only allows you to easily reproduce plants you already have but it allows you to easily collect and grow plants from other locations. It’s also fast, easy, and, for many plants, the go-to way for propagating them.

Step 1: Making The Clipping

To make the clipping you will need sharp and clean clippers. You can sterilize the blades using alcohol, especially if you’ve been working with other plants as this helps ensure disease doesn't spread. Choose a stem with healthy growth that is disease free. Make a cutting 4-8” long with at least 4 nodes. Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. Using a clean and sterile blade remove the bottom inch of the bark to expose the cambium layer.

Step 2: Place your clipping in a Propagation Staton

Place your cutting in a Mona's Plants propagaton statoin. Make sure the water is covering at least 2 nodes. Only put a couple cuttings per container as overcrowding can reduce survival rate. Change the water every 5-7 days to reduce risk of diseases. Cuttings will start growing roots within a couple weeks and may be ready to transplant after 4-5 weeks.

Step 3: Place your propagated clipping in a new pot

Prepare a loose and well aerated soil to place your rooted clipping into. You can easily make your own potting mix for cuttings using 50% worm castings, 25% vermiculite, and 25% coco coir. Place your cuttings at the desired distance making sure all the loose roots which develop in the water are well spread. Keep your plants well watered and in the shade for 4 weeks until the plant is better established. Enjoy!

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