Record fast delivery times, lower prices, and a perfect 5 star review score for May 2021

I've previously shared some fun facts about how your orders get to you as I believe customers appreciate this transparency in how we're always working to improve things behind the scenes. Here's your June update summarizing the month of May, 2021.

Deliveries & Speed
Your orders traveled over 614,000 miles in May alone! That's more than 26 trips -- almost 1 trip per day -- around the Earth (or more than 1 leisurely trip to the moon and back)! The average time from order to doorstep reduced again last month and is now down to only 3.4 days, including weekends, a federal holiday, and international deliveries (which included many to Canada, UK, Norway, Ireland, and France last month)! That's an average of 3.4 days with free shipping on all US orders and no ridiculous membership fees.

Price Reductions & Free Shipping
In May, over half of our inventory received a price reduction of at least 5%. These reductions are much greater (often 15%) if you purchase from directly rather than one of our marketplace partners, like Etsy.

Customer Satisfaction
I love seeing your reviews and take great pride in our 5.0 out of 5.0 start rating across 486 reviews at month-end. A lot of Mona's products are fragile glass or ceramic and I'm especially proud of the 5 star reviews from customers who had to contact us for a free replacement due to unfortunate shipping damange. This feedback is affirmation that our replacement policies and the quality of our custoemr service are among the best out there -- I take great pride in this! I'm really excited about what's ahead and looking forward to a beautiful summer of growing and propagating with you!


-Kevin, Owner Monas Plant Accessories

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