Our Handmade Process

We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our handmade products. Each cut, brush stroke, and assembly is done with joy and pride.


Sourcing Our Lumber

We start off by hand selecting each piece of wood we use. Each piece is handled, checked for undesirable knotts and dents, checked for warping, and checked for a nice wood grain that will shine through after staining.


Creating Our Products

We carefully measure and cut each piece of wood one at a time, by hand. Once we have the frame or block cut, we then measure and mark the centers with a pencil, and drill each hole by hand using a drill press. Next, we give it a quick sanding to ensure any rough pieces are cleaned up. Afterwards, we spread a small bead of glue and compress the pieces together using sturdy straps. After drying for 24 hours, we give a finer sand to ensure an even and smooth finish. We then sand out any edges making sure the corners are crisp. Lastly, we use a 1" brush to stain each piece by hand and hang them to air dry for 72 hours. Depending on how many we're staining, we sometimes have to get a bit creative in finding places to hang them :).


Packing Your Order

After you place your order, we pull your items from our shelves. We look at each one to make sure there's no oversight or defect and that any accessory such as viles or glass bulbs are also pulled before packing. If there are multiple items in the package, we wrap stained woods in tissue paper to prevent scuffs or scratches. Each item is placed carefully in the box and then stabilized with packing paper. Lastly, we hand write a short "thank you" note on your packing slip before taping your package.


Shipping Your Order

I hate waiting on packages; I'm sure everyone does. After packaging your order, it's shipped it via USPS Priority Mail so that your order gets to you within 1-4 business days of shipping. USPS Priority also insures your package for $100 and gives you reliable tracking information. This is the fastest method of getting your orders to you with a reasonable cost. In fact, the shipping fee charged at checkout is much less than what it actually costs us to ship your package. I see it as a cost of doing business online and want to ensure your order gets to you as quickly as possible.


Customer Service

Our work isn't done after shipping your order as the most important part has yet to come. While we hope everything arrived safely and you're elated with your new propagation station, sometimes packages are damaged or lost in shipping or you've changed your mind and want to return something you ordered. In those instances, our customer service steps in to do our best to make things right. Contact Us to get support or just let us know how we're doing!


I hope you enjoy your new propagation station from Mona's Plant Accessories!

Owner Mona's Plant Accessories